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Whether it is classical design or modern design, Jeffrey will always stress coexistence relationship between function and aesthetics, studying the project’s local historic cultural and humanistic characteristics, building the landscape design associated with the original regional customs. Now whether it is public landscape environment or community garden, “To the style” has come to an agreement. The government and enterprise attach importance to harmony and coexistence between community environment & architectural art and local environment.

At the beginning of this design, any project startup will be considered by Jeffrey Team from the perspective of local cultural elements and future trend in order to explore the characteristics of the elements that match the project and then work it out. Jeffrey will not impose a solution only for the purpose of catering for the clients’ needs. We will always find the exciting inspiration and firmly hold the approved idea, finding the uniqueness of the project and making design works with special cultural language. In our design concepts, every project needs expressing different connotation and sustainable beauty instead of expressing a period popular style. We aim to create an outdoor environment where people are happy to get relaxed and enjoy life. Although a project has an eye-catching effect, people cannot enjoy themselves and get relaxed. Such project will lose its original connotation. We will try to meet the clients’ needs; meanwhile, we hope the projects we build will become the local representative of the beautiful and comfortable life.

With the rapid development of real estate, more companies pursue a luxury design with high cost. However, we choose to look back. Travel around European towns or visiting beautiful minority villages in China, we will look for inspiration from the essence of centurial art history. The works filled with vitality is formed by breaking the pleasant measure of traditional architectures, elegant local customs and happy life value. During such a process, we never feel bored and would like to share our design joy with our clients.

We were always thinking how the project with vitality and infectivity is like. Actually it does not lie in the grandeur of the scene or the carved modeling, but depends on the fact that the art and cultural elements can be integrated into the natural environment through design.



  • "Zhuhai· Moon Bay" landscape project was obtained the "Award of villa residence of 10 cities in China in 2011"
  • "Shaoxing·Lanhaihui" project was obtained the most beautiful villa award" issued by the new building magazine in 2013.
  • "Duke Town" in Huizhou was obtained the "Golden Plate Award" by virtue of the unique landscape of pure French manor style in 2013
  • "Baicheng.Hecheng No.1", "Beixi.Jinyu Blue Bay", "Complex" of Liaoning.Jiubaibu central business center and other projects were obtained the annual excellent design organization of 9th Chinese habitation model in 2012"
  • "Panjin·Guangsha Xincheng" landscape was obtained the "Best original award of Chinese landscape garden in 2011"